My work addresses the on-going debate surrounding the use of our coastal waterways.  It explores how a single event can manifest multiple futures, some potentially destructive. What is beautiful and what is economically expedient are often two divergent paths.

By highlighting the reflections on a body of water I attempt to contrast nature versus nature repurposed by humans and the far-reaching and often permanently damaging repercussions that can occur.

The irregular ellipses of flattened colour, abstract patterns and highlighted surface reflections try to evoke a reverence for the mystery and importance of water, our natural world, its fragility and precariousness.


Born on Vancouver Island, Amelia Alcock-White is a contemporary Canadian painter who lives and works in Vancouver, BC. She studied fine art at Vancouver Island University, Emily Carr Art Institute and Columbus State University. She has received many awards for her work, including Scholarships and Art Faculty Awards. Alcock-White’s paintings have been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco and Toronto.  Her work is represented in notable public and private collections.

She pursues her concern for the environment with an ongoing project called ‘Painting for Change‘ which benefits ocean conservation initiatives.


Studio Open House

Saturday & Sunday
Dec 15 – 16th
11am – 4pm
3164 Blenheim St
(16th & Blenheim, Kitsilano)

Current Exhibition

Small Works Show
Petley Jones Gallery
December 8 – 22, 2018
2245 Granville St

Solo Exhibitions

2016 The Ripple Effect, The Reach Art Museum, Abbotsford, BC
2014 Solitudes, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC *catalogue
2012 Water Born, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver *catalogue
2007 The Art of Staying Afloat, Gallery O Contemporary, Vancouver, BC
2004 Opener, Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, BC *catalogue

Group Exhibitions

2018 Watermarks Burnaby Arts Council, Deer Lake Gallery 6584 Deer Lake Ave., Burnaby
Deja Vu, Group Exhibition, Petley Jones Gallery. A mix of contemporary and historic art including works by the Group of Seven. Artists represented were: Tom Thompson, A.Y. Jackson, Emily Carr, J.E.H. MacDonald, A.J. Casson, Lawren Harris, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Jack Shadbolt, Llewellyn Petley-Jones and Amelia Alcock-White.
2017 South Granville ArtWalk Group Exhibition, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC
2016 30th Anniversary Show, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC
2015 Small Works, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC
ID, TEDx Vancouver Visual Arts Exhibition
Settlement Building/Rogers Arena, Vancouver BC
2014 Aerial, Goldmoss Gallery, Roberts Creek Arts Festival, BC
2013 Art For Life, Fine Art Auction, November 2013, Vancouver, BC
Night at the Aquarium: Art Gala, Vancouver, BC
2012 Women in Art, Ethos Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Amelia Alcock-White, Hollyburn Club, West Vancouver, BC
An Evening of Art: Shanti Uganda, Vancouver, BC
Selected Works, VLTB Art Show, October 2012, Vancouver, BC
2010 Classical and Contemporary Nudes, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2008 The Body Exposed, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver, BC
San Francisco Artists, Cohen Rese Gallery, San Francisco CA
2007 Art San Francisco, Union Square Gallery, San Francisco, CA
East Meets West, a survey of art from Eastern Europe to Western CA and the US, Blink+Art Murmur, Santa Monica, CA
Vanitas Now, Contemporary Still Life, Art Murmur Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Art Toronto Winter Exhibition, Mittica Gallery, Toronto, ON
2006 Dream Worlds: An Artistic Investigation of Contemporary Surrealism, Art Murmur Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
NYC Artists, Caelum Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY
The Art Center, Gallery O Contemporary, Vancouver, BC
Street Angels, Art Auction, Vancouver, BC
2005 From Here To There: Five Magic Realists, Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004 Vancouver Art Gallery Auction, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver, BC
VAG Art Auction Exhibition, The Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Bayshore Exhibition, The Bayshore Gallery, Vancouver, BC



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Private Collection, “Vessel”  Oil on canvas.  Interior design by Glenn Washburn of Peter Rose Architecture and Interiors.  Shaughnessy, Vancouver, 2018.Solo Exhibition, The Ripple Effect, The Reach Art Museum. Abbotsford, 2016.Private Collection,“Mercurial” Oil on canvas. Kitsilano, Vancouver, 2016.Group Exhibition, Petley Jones Gallery. Vancouver, 2016.Solo Exhibition, Solitudes, Petley Jones Gallery. Vancouver, 2014.Solo Exhibition, Water Born, Petley Jones Gallery. Vancouver, 2012.