Born on Vancouver Island, Alcock-White is a contemporary Canadian painter who currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC. She studied fine art at Vancouver Island University, Emily Carr Art Institute and Columbus State University. She has received several awards for her work, including Scholarships and Art Faculty Awards. Her paintings have been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions. She held her first solo exhibit in 2004 and has since shown in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco and Toronto. Her work is represented in notable public and private collections, including the Canada Council Art Bank.


Alcock-White’s paintings express the human condition and its relation to nature, the transitory character of time and the contrasting endurance of elemental forces. Psychological themes, primal emotions and archetypal figures all play a role in her works. Alcock-White fuses sentiment, intimacy and warmth with the enigmatic, giving her images an emotional subtlety that draws the viewer into her private world. Alcock-White's work embraces elements of both magic and symbolic realism. Her first collection, 'Opener', explored dream-like and romantic themes.  'The Art of Staying Afloat', looked at the concepts of personal and symbiotic balance. 'Water born', examined the longing of all parts to reunite with the whole. "As the water vapour in a rainbow eventually returns to the sea so might the spark of individual life return to its fiery source."


In her current work, Alcock-White revisits water and finds through its holographic nature an apt metaphor for her quest into life's perplexities. She pursues her concern for the environment with an ongoing project called Painting for Change which benefits ocean conservation initiatives. The rugged coasts of BC and the magic of its ancient forests all find their way onto her canvases.