My work addresses the on-going debate surrounding the use of our coastal waterways.  It explores how a single event can manifest multiple futures, some potentially destructive. What is beautiful and what is economically expedient are often two divergent paths.By highlighting the reflections on a body of water I attempt to contrast nature versus nature repurposed by humans and the far-reaching and often permanently damaging repercussions that can occur.

The irregular ellipses of flattened colour, abstract patterns and highlighted surface reflections try to evoke a reverence for the mystery and importance of water, our natural world, its fragility and precariousness.


Born on Vancouver Island, Amelia Alcock-White is a contemporary Canadian painter who lives and works in Vancouver, BC. She studied fine art at Vancouver Island University, Emily Carr Art Institute and Columbus State University. She has received many awards for her work, including Scholarships and Art Faculty Awards. Alcock-White’s paintings have been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco and Toronto.  Her work is represented in notable public and private collections.

She pursues her concern for the environment with an ongoing project called ‘Painting for Change‘ which benefits conservation initiatives. Currently for the Yellow Point Ecological Society and  Our Living Waters  A Canadian network working to improve freshwater health with over one hundred members such as WWF-Canada, Ocean Wise, Canadian Wildlife Federation, David Suzuki and Water Rangers.



October 2022 Solo Exhibition, Current Sea, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver, BC 2245 Granville Street (604) 732-5353
October 7 – 28, 2022
Retrospective Art Catalogue, 2022
Silent Auction for Our Living Waters
>Press Release: August, 2022
A new collection of paintings that highlight the currency of water’s intrinsic value.  Presenting the concept of water as more than a mere material asset, rendering perspective on decisions that trade pristine nature for economic gain.  A series of work that is simultaneously abstract and hyperreal, images of the sea and freshwater lakes, intricate compositions that vibrate with depth and motion. Dramatic colours, stylized ellipses, reflected shapes, abstract patterns on glittering surfaces recreate the physics of water’s elegant flow.  These images move beyond water’s material worth, a transcendence that depicts water as a vital ecological entity and a substance of sheer beauty. Be transported to the water’s edge and experience the sea’s current.

Water May 28 – June 30, James Baird Gallery St. John’s Newfoundland.  View Show and availability on Artsy  Artist Residency, Pouch Cove Foundation 

> Exhibition and Event Photos

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Slipstream Spring, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2019 Art in Action, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver, BC > Event Photos Media Release PDF > AAW Studio Newsletter
2016 The Ripple Effect, The Reach Art Museum, Abbotsford, BC
2014 Solitudes, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC *catalogue
2012 Water Born, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver *catalogue
2007 The Art of Staying Afloat, Gallery O Contemporary, Vancouver, BC
2004 Opener, Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, BC *catalogue

Group Exhibitions

2022 The Triumph of Colour, Group Exhibition, Opening Reception: March 31st 6-8pm. Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2021  Contemporary Group Exhibit, October, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC
2018  Small Works, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC
Watermarks Burnaby Arts Council, Deer Lake Gallery 6584 Deer Lake Ave., Burnaby
Deja Vu, Group Exhibition, Petley Jones Gallery. A mix of contemporary and historic art including works by the Group of Seven. Artists represented were: Tom Thompson, A.Y. Jackson, Emily Carr, J.E.H. MacDonald, A.J. Casson, Lawren Harris, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Jack Shadbolt, Llewellyn Petley-Jones and Amelia Alcock-White.
2017 South Granville ArtWalk Group Exhibition, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC
2016 30th Anniversary Show, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC
2015 Small Works, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC
ID, TEDx Vancouver Visual Arts Exhibition
Settlement Building/Rogers Arena, Vancouver BC
2014 Aerial, Goldmoss Gallery, Roberts Creek Arts Festival, BC
2013 Art For Life, Fine Art Auction, November 2013, Vancouver, BC
Night at the Aquarium: Art Gala, Vancouver, BC
2012 Women in Art, Ethos Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Amelia Alcock-White, Hollyburn Club, West Vancouver, BC
An Evening of Art: Shanti Uganda, Vancouver, BC
Selected Works, VLTB Art Show, October 2012, Vancouver, BC
2010 Classical and Contemporary Nudes, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2008 The Body Exposed, Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver, BC
San Francisco Artists, Cohen Rese Gallery, San Francisco CA
2007 Art San Francisco, Union Square Gallery, San Francisco, CA
East Meets West, a survey of art from Eastern Europe to Western CA and the US, Blink+Art Murmur, Santa Monica, CA
Vanitas Now, Contemporary Still Life, Art Murmur Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Art Toronto Winter Exhibition, Mittica Gallery, Toronto, ON
2006 Dream Worlds: An Artistic Investigation of Contemporary Surrealism, Art Murmur Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
NYC Artists, Caelum Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY
The Art Center, Gallery O Contemporary, Vancouver, BC
Street Angels, Art Auction, Vancouver, BC
2005 From Here To There: Five Magic Realists, Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004 Vancouver Art Gallery Auction, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver, BC
VAG Art Auction Exhibition, The Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Bayshore Exhibition, The Bayshore Gallery, Vancouver, BC



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The Canada Council Art Bank
R McDonald House BC
Canadian/Hungarian Consulate
The Vancouver Aquarium
The Reach Art Museum
The Vancouver Art Gallery


Kerrisdale Residence. “Isthmus” 36×48 inches oil on canvas, commissioned work. 2022

Point Grey Residence. “Rip Point” 24×72 inches oil on canvas, commissioned work. 2021

Testimonial “From the onset of our commission “Rip Point” Amelia was amazing to work with.  She is incredibly thorough and spent time with us in our space so she could make an amazing piece of art that was just right for us.  I had very specific requests for colours and feel and she delivered.  We absolutely love our piece and see something new in the painting everyday.”  –Alexandra & John, February 2022

Rip Point by Amelia Alcock-White

Shaughnessy Residence. “Active Pass” 30×40 inches, oil on canvas, commissioned work. 2021

Toronto Residence. “Ripple Rock” 24×48 inches, oil on canvas, commissioned work. 2021 >View the Commission Process

Arbutus Ridge Residence. “Eventide” 30×48 inches, oil on canvas, commissioned work. 2020

Langley Residence. “Shangri-La” 48×72 inches, oil on canvas, commissioned work. 2020

Kerrisdale Residence. “Tempo” 36×48 inches, oil on canvas, commissioned work. 2020

Seattle Residence. “Quennell Lake” 24×30 inches, oil on canvas,  commissioned work. 2020

Downtown Residence. “The Sound” 24×48 inches, oil on canvas. 2020

University Residence. Artwork showcased in an Architecture & Interior Design photo shoot for Peter Rose Architecture  2019 Artwork by Amelia Alcock-White showcased in an Architecture & Interior Design photo shoot for Peter Rose Architecture

West Vancouver Residence. Interior Design by AK Design“Gleam” 36 x 48 inches, 0il on canvas, private collection. 2019West Vancouver Residence 2019 Interior Design by AK Design "Gleam" by Amelia Alcock-White, private collection, 2019.

Architect’s Home.  “Free Trade” and “Concurrent” 24×36 inches, oil on canvas, 2019

Kitsilano Residence. Custom commissioned painting “Coasting” | 36 x 24 inches, 0il on canvas, private collection, 2019Kitsilano Residence 2019  Custom commissioned painting  "Coasting" | by Amelia Alcock-White 36 x 24in 0il on canvas, private collection, 2019.

Kerrisdale Park Residence. Interior design by Glenn Washburn of Peter Rose Architecture and Interiors 
Private collection, Shaughnessy, Vancouver.   Full Image Portfolio     “Vessel” | 48 x 36 inches, 0il on canvas, 2018
“Vessel” | by Amelia Alcock-White 48 x 36in 0il on canvas, 2017.“Vessel” | by Amelia Alcock-White 48 x 36in 0il on canvas, 2017.

Petley Jones Gallery. Group Exhibition Left to right: Jack Shadbolt, Amelia Alcock-White, Emily Carr. 2018 Petley Jones Gallery, 2018 left to right: Jack Shadbolt, Amelia Alcock-White, Emily Carr.

Burnaby Arts Council. Watermarks Exhibition 2018
Burnaby Arts Council, 2018 Watermarks Exhibition by Amelia Alcock-White

The Reach Art Museum. Solo Exhibition, The Ripple Effect   The Reach , Abbotsford, BC. 2016
The Reach Art Museum, 2016 Solo Exhibition by Amelia Alcock-White The Ripple Effect The Reach , Abbotsford, BC.

Kitsilano Residence. Private collection, Kits, Vancouver. “Mercurial” 2016
Kitsilano Residence, 2016 Private collection, Kits, Vancouver. "Mercurial" | by Amelia Alcock-White oil on canvas 30 x 40 inches.

Petley Jones Gallery. Solo Exhibition, “Solitudes”. 2014
Petley Jones Gallery, 2014 Solo Exhibition, Solitudes by Amelia Alcock-White

Petley Jones Gallery. Solo Exhibition, Water Born. 2012
Petley Jones Gallery, 2012 Solo Exhibition, Water Born by Amelia Alcock-White


“A velvet touch encased in a determined hand. A focused and consistent vision of one of nature’s principle elements. Kudos to Amelia Alcock-White’s accomplishment.” — James Baird, October 2022. Director of the James Baird Gallery and The Pouch Cove Foundation, Newfoundland, Canada

“Amelia is an inspiration amongst her peers. It is evident she has a strong dedication to her work and a deep understanding of her subject. It is exciting as a fellow artist to see the way she interprets water. Amelia recognizes the beauty of the water’s surface and captures and preserves moments others only see a glimpse of.” — Katharine Burns, October 2022. A renowned Canadian artist specializing in ocean painting. Burns invited Alcock-White to the Pouch Cove Artist Residency, where they worked together for the month of May 2022. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“Painting water like no one else these days, Amelia Alcock-White isn’t just sharing her virtuosic brushwork of flat aqueous surfaces.. she is painting reflections and refractions of sky in sea.. she is considering all quadrants and all levels.. above, below.. and all that is unseeable beyond the picture plane. Amelia’s paintings are metaphors. Every stroke of her brush, wet in wet, reminds us of the enduring fact that water gives and sustains life on this planet.” — Bo Bartlett, October 2022. Fine Artist, Georgia USA. Bartlett is considered one of world’s foremost contemporary realist painters. Amelia Alcock-White studied with Bartlett in his Painting Master Class at Columbus University.

“Inevitably, the hand of a realist grows curious towards the ethereal and expressive qualities of abstract painting. However, it is rare to see these disparate aesthetics straddled so harmoniously. Alcock-White profoundly captures the sea’s innate infinitesimal complexity and reverberates it between masterful representation. As a painter, I am terrified, in the best of ways.” — Drew Young, October 2022. Painter, curator and creative director.

“Peaceful . . calm . . soothing . . these are a few words that indicate my emotions when viewing Amelia’s work.  Also curiosity.  Curiosity to want to see the reality beyond the distorted reflections. An intriguing play of colours carry your eyes around the painting.  An arrival at realism thru abstraction.” — Ken West, September 2022. An established contemporary artist that attended the Vancouver School of Art in the 60’s. Alcock-White has worked with West in his Kitsilano studio for the past 15 years.

“Technically adept, Amelia’s rich and interpretive works transcend the mere illustrative realm revealing sensitive compositions brimming with emotion and conviction. I have followed her work for many years and feel a new maturity embracing her current works.”— Matt Petley-Jones, August 2014. Gallery Director.

“Alcock-White’s work uses water almost exclusively as a metaphorical backdrop for human experience. It is a thematic device through which the artist articulates her personal and spiritual journey and explores her relationships with place, family and the environment. Water is the universal bond, connecting us with ourselves, each other and the natural world in the artist’s images of hope for transformation and renewal.” — Laura Schnieder, March 2016. Curatorial essay excerpt. Director of the Reach Art Museum.

“We are alone in this world, all in this boat together, searching, looking, wondering; no one knows anything, we just wander, hope, dream, aspire, when our time comes we pray that we are ready to act, pray that we are clear, open, awake. Water pours over a mountain, rippling away in all directions forever. The Light reflects off the water. As above, so below, and deep down, other things. The key is to not be afraid, ever, but it doesn’t take courage, it takes something closer to relinquishing, to surrender. We will be enfolded back into this world. All of our meanderings merely academic… life is a great mystery, which we embrace and bow-down to, hold on to, and let go of. Amelia Alcock-White’s paintings honor this journey. They are fearless. They are signposts for what we need.” — Bo Bartlett, August 2014.  Bo Bartlett is one of world’s foremost contemporary painters. Bartlett’s Master Class at Columbus State in Georgia, to which Amelia Alcock-White was invited in 2013, has instructed and inspired her work.

“Alcock-White’s body of work is so cohesive, sensitive and of rich palette. Very reflective of the human, contemplative condition removed from noise, chatter and insistence. They seem to be about contemplating the edge of worlds.” — Betsy Eby, August 2014. Betsy Eby is an encaustic painter from the Pacific Northwest.  Eby currently shows at the Winston Wachter Gallery of Seattle and NYC.


“My husband and I have been looking for a very long time for a statement piece of art that would would be peaceful yet vibrant. My husband really wanted a realistic approach to the painting, whereas I wanted to capture some abstract elements as well. Amelia found the perfect balance and we could not be happier with our beautiful painting! She was incredibly patient as we iterated on the piece and was open to our suggestions and questions throughout the process. We love and enjoy the work more and more each day and feel very fortunate to own a piece by this very talented artist. “Isthmus” — Rashmi and Paul, September 2022.

“From the onset of our commission “Rip Point” Amelia was amazing to work with.  She is incredibly thorough and spent time with us in our space so she could make an amazing piece of art that was just right for us.  I had very specific requests for colours and feel and she delivered.  We absolutely love our piece and see something new in the painting everyday.”  –Alexandra, February 2022.

“Amelia is a master at capturing the simple beauty of water. “Tempo” captures the reflection of the Granville Island water taxis in the ocean. Growing up near the water has created a fascination with how water constantly changes with the light, movement, and reflection. I also find it has an amazing calming effect.” — Chantal,  August 2021


“On behalf of the waters, thank you Amelia for supporting our work through Painting for Change! Your artwork inspires and motivates, reminding us to reconnect with the waters that sustain us.” — Andrew Stegemann, Rebekah Kipp & Taylor Wilkes, the Our Living Waters staff team, 2022.

“At the David Suzuki Foundation, we strive to conserve our environment and find solutions that will create a sustainable Canada through science-based research, education and policy work. But there’s more to nature than we can express through words, policy or scientific research. That’s why the environmental movement needs artists like Amelia Alcock-White, who is the force behind the Painting for Change event. Thank you for dedicating your time and inspiration for a conservation themed exhibit. What you can express through art is really what is going to get us off the current unsustainable path humanity is on.”— Panos Grames, David Suzuki Foundation

“It is my pleasure to support you! I think it is brilliant when artists become involved in environmental issues: art reaches people in a way that facts and verbiage never can. You will absolutely make an impact with this project due to the beauty of your artwork and your obvious commitment and sincerity. It is definitely “win/win” no matter who wins the painting.”— Sharon Hartwell, Biologist and Land Steward

“Amelia’s painting captures a magical underwater world that is dear to my heart: the kelp forest.  Kelp forests are considered the rainforests of the ocean as they filter the water, capture carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and provide food and shelter for thousands of species.  Although kelp forests are one of the most diverse places on earth they are one of the least-explored and are still poorly understood.  Kelp forests are also threatened by climate change, pollution and overfishing.  Through Amelia’s art we can descend into the depths of the kelp forests and see their beauty and importance.  Thank you Amelia for all your work in helping protect, preserve and treasure the ocean.” Erin Lane, Oceanographer and Environmental Educator

“The ocean is full of magic and mysteries – some discovered, some waiting to be discovered and some, sadly, lost.  Your art brings some of that magic and mystery alive and reminds us of what is important.  In nature is that which sustains us.  Although greater than us, the ocean needs our protection.  Thank you, Amelia, for donating your time and talent to our ocean!”
— Jane Smith, former Fisheries Inspector and Special Conservation Officer